"Wicked Love"

"Wicked Love"

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Search love and you will find love!

Fine Art Print (100x65cm)
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Fine Art Print is a term often used within professional photography and the art world and refers to prints of a very high quality. For this type of prints it is the intention, by using the right type of paper in combination with the right pigment inks, to attain the ‘archival’ standard for the prints with a durability of at least 100 years. 

HD Finish Aluminium Print (115x75cm)
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HD Finish has an aluminium panel as its basis, which by means of heating technique – sublimation – is provided with waterproof inks that are absorbed into the top layer. The result of this process is a superior end product which is unparalleled.

Original Painting Canvas
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The original hand painted artwork signed by Mister Five himself. If you want to purchase this artwork, please make an offer by sending an e-mail to art@m5empire.nl including the name of the artwork.

Certificate of Ownership

Every limited edtion artwork of M5Art comes with an official certificate of ownership and serial number.

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